Joe Ledbetter On Top Of The Vinyl Toy World Ringo, Teeter, Trexi, 36″ Qee, Sluggonadon

Joe Ledbetter is one of the few artists that can release a toy knowing that they will sell out in hours, or even minutes. So what is the reason behind Ledbetter toys being so popular? Well I just have to put it down to the fact that every vinyl toy that Ledbetter releases is out of this world. He manages to transform his 2D art style into the 3D toy world perfectly and vinyl toy fans appreciate this incredible talent. There has been so a lot of hype around Ledbetter recently and the 5 toys featured here are the reasons why.

1) Ringo

Coming in 5 colourways in 2007, this is going to be BIG. Be warned it is going to be a struggle to get your hands on these.

2) Teeter
This has come and gone. The great thing about this toy is that it can balance on any 1 of the 4 limbs. However unless you are in Canada while I am writing this there is no chance you will be getting this.

3) Trexi PLUS Series 2
Ledbetter goes head to head with Touma. Both artists make great use of the new Trexi Shapes. These have been delayed until 2007. Good news for fans is that these are not impossible to get hold like his other toys.

4) 36″ Toxic Swamp Qee
This is for the true Ledbetter fan. A monster of a toy and a monster of a price at $1500. Hope to see more toys of this size in the future by Ledbetter and other artists.

5) Wonderwall Sluggonadon
The first Ledbetter toy we sold on and boy did this one fly. We were sold out in 15 minutes. This was something a bit different from the usual Ledbetter toys but that did not stop anyone from making this another completely sold out toy.

I can not wait to see what else is up Ledbetter’s sleeve. A great artist and a master of vinyl toy design in my opinion. Keep up the good work Joe.