Red Algae Calcium – Bone Health & Joint Pain Relief

Product Overview

Bone & Joint Pain ReliefThe formula for Red Algae Calcium is clinically shown to reduce pain and improve mobility in just 2 weeks!

Target market: Men and women aged 40+ who struggle with joint pain and mobility issues.

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  • Red Algae Calcium: The Plant-Based “Superfood” For Strong Bones & Healthy Joints
  • Vitamin K2: The Calcium “Optimizer” For Increasing Bone Mineral Content
  • Red Algae Magnesium: The “Missing” Essential Mineral For Increasing Bone Density & Improving Bone Formation
  • Citrus Bioflavonoids: Natures Shockingly Powerful Answer For Alleviating Terrible Joint Pain
  • Vitamin D3: The Bone-Strengthening Hormone That Enhances Calcium Absorption & Reduces Inflammation
  • Organic Vegan Blend: For EXTRA Bone & Joint Support

Information on the Clinical Study

The clinical study was performed at the renowned Minnesota Applied Research Center. There were 50 volunteers who participated. And each participant suffered from moderate to severe knee pain.

Researchers were determined to see if Red Algae was better than glucosamine.

So the volunteers were either given Red Algae or glucosamine or a placebo. And because the study was randomized and “blind”, nobody knew who got what.

As expected, Red Algae and glucosamine “beat” the placebo.

But shockingly, Red Algae outperformed glucosamine in ALL parameters.

These positive results were measured in just 2 weeks.