The Importance of Masturbation for Women

Masturbation by women is seldom discussed or written about, unlike other topics on female and male sexuality. Yet, sales of vibrators for female masturbation generate millions of dollars a year in revenues. While using a vibrator, adequate lubrication is absolutely essential for success. A very useful product that will provide the right type of lubrication and, at the same time, enhance blood flow to the clitoris-vagina area, to increase sensitivity and enhance orgasms, is Vigorelle clitoris stimulant cream.

One wonders why discussions about female masturbation are still taboo and often considered to border on the pornographic.

Masturbation Important for Men and Women

Vigorelle creamThe fact is that masturbation is an important component of a sexually healthy and confident lifestyle, for both men and women. For a woman, exploring your body by yourself enables you to learn which areas of your body are most responsive to sexual stimulation and exactly what kind of stimulation or pressure or strokes feel best for you. Having learnt this, you can then communicate this knowledge to your partner. All orgasms, whether they are by self-stimulation or by sex with a partner, release tension and relax the body. And, of course, orgasms feel good and are fun.

If you are a woman who has never experienced orgasm before, or if your sex drive and sexual responsiveness have diminished over time, masturbation is almost essential as a way to develop your sexual responses, or to restore your libido to earlier levels, and to achieve the sexual fulfilment that is your right.

It is a fact that masturbation is more common among men than among women. It is also a fact that, even in today’s sexually liberated society, many people consider that masturbation is “ok for men but not for women”. Yet, the fact is that masturbation is even more important for women than it is for men. According to The Janus Report on Sexual Behavior released in 1992, only 38 percent of women masturbate on a regular basis in comparison to 55 percent of men. However, according to a more recent Redbook magazine survey, 68% of married women masturbate regularly.

Women – How to Masturbate

If you have not masturbated before, here are a few key tips to get you started in self-pleasuring. Above all, you should be aware that there is no right way or wrong way to masturbate. What matters is that whatever you do, to stimulate your sex response, should feel good. The first time you do it, you are not likely to reach orgasm. Perhaps, not even the first few times. But don’t give up – your clitoris and your vagina need to learn how to respond with pleasure to sexual stimulation. And this learning process needs practice – just like all good thing that are worth doing, need practice. Keep doing it and very soon you will feel the waves of sexual pleasure and exhilaration, as you move on to the orgasmic peaks.

Exploring yourself through masturbation will help you learn about your own body and to get comfortable with it, so that you are not self-conscious during sex with a partner. If you are self-conscious, you will be unable to let go, to let sexual pleasure take over and finally to reach orgasm. Take deep breaths, learn to tighten your PC muscles. It will help to learn and practice Kegel exercises for strengthening the PC muscles (do a Google search for Kegel Exercises), which will increase your control. Gently rub and stroke your body, with special focus on the clitoris and surrounding area. Try various motions, with different speeds and degrees of pressure to discover what feels best.

Don’t focus only on the genitals. Explore your whole body, focusing on your most sensitive parts such as breasts and nipples, inner thighs and so on. Explore and experiment till you find the actions that bring on maximum sexual pleasure.

Importance of Fantay

While you masturbate, allow yourself to explore every kind of fantasy that excites you. Remember there are no taboos that you need to shut out while you masturbate. Carol Queen, author of Exhibitionism for the Shy, suggests breaking your own sexual boundaries – for example, if you’ve wanted to talk dirty in bed with your partner, then try it out first to yourself when you’re alone. By yourself, there is no one else to please and no one to judge you. It is only you that counts. See what turns you on and gets you sexually excited. If you wish, you can indulge in fantasies about a person, or some persons, other than your regular partner – this is normal and perfectly ok.

Use a Vibrator

To take your masturbation experiences and sexual satisfaction to an even higher level, use a vibrator. To quote Dr. Helen Singer Kaplan, the highly respected sex therapist, “The vibrator provides the strongest, most intense stimulation known” and again “”Some women who are highly resistant to coital orgasm are able to climax when they are stimulated with a vibrator during coitus.”

Take what you learn from the exploration of your body and your masturbation experiences to your sexual relationship with your partner; communicate your feelings, your desires and what kind of sexual stimulation feels good to you; apply some Vigorelle sexual enhancement cream to your clitoris in preparation for sex – you will experience the extremes of sexual pleasure and total sexual satisfaction.